A number of Catholic Church Agencies are located at the Catholic Pastoral Centre of Our Lady of the Mission. See below for the Agency’s contact details.

Go to the ‘Contact Us’ page to contact the Catholic Pastoral Centre Office Manager or Reception.

Billings LIFE
Billings LIFE in Australia provides clinical instruction to women and couples in the Billings Ovulation Method™ of natural fertility management.
Tel (08) 9422 7980            (1800 335 860)

Provides disaster relief and community development support for poor and oppressed people around the world. Global education programmes for students and adults are available.Tel (08) 9422 7925

Catholic Archdiocesan Task-force for Catholic Orthodox Bridge-building.
Tel (08) 9422 7917

Catholic Mission
Raising awareness and financial support for the Church’s missionary work amongst the poor in every developing country world-wide, and providing opportunities for those interested in missionary experience and voluntary work both locally and overseas.Tel (08) 9422 7933 / Fax (08) 9328 2966

Catholic Outreach
Assist parishes to develop Care Programs which enable volunteers to provide practical emergency short term support (such as bereavement support, emergency meals, family support, gardening, handyman, home help, transport, visiting) for people in need in their local community.
Tel (08) 9422 7920

Catholic Youth Ministry
Archdiocesan Youth Office which provides youth ministry resources, leadership training and information on youth events. Also hosts weekly Wednesday night Mass & Holy Hour and other youth events.
Tel (08) 9422 7912

Church Resources
CR supports the not-for-profit sector, harnessing the combined buying power of our Members to secure competitive pricing on a wide range of procurement solutions, and delivering some of Australia’s leading online faith-based publications.
Tel 1300 248 2724

Ten parishes constitute the Ordinariate and are located in QueenslandNew SouthWalesVictoria,South Australia and Western Australia.
Tel (08) 9422 7988

Respect LIFE
Promotes the dignity of the human person from the moment of conception until natural death.  Provides materials and talks for schools, parishes, groups and the media and is a resource for the Diocese on pro-life matters.
Tel (08) 9422 7999

Sisters OLM
Our priorities in mission are among the poor and marginalized, especially women and children. Our approach to 
mission is an insertion among people after the example of the Incarnate Word, a journeying with and sharing of who we are and the little we have
Tel (08) 9422 7904

Young Christian Students 
Helps secondary school students to integrate faith and life and to become involved in Christian action in daily life.
Tel (08) 9422 7911

Young Christian Workers 
An organisation run for, by and with young people aged 18 – 30 years. It seeks to organise, educate and empower young people to be leaders of positive change with their own lives and the community.
Tel (08) 9422 7910